When former NFL quarterback Brian Griese was seven years old, his mother Judi was diagnosed with breast cancer. After she died five years later, Brian found himself at a dangerous time in which his anger and profound sadness were coming out in ways that had the potential to be destructive.

Along Brian’s path to healing, he realized that he wanted to give back to children and teens who were also grieving the loss of a parent, sibling or other loved one. He and his wife Brook, a clinical psychologist specializing in childhood trauma and loss, created Judi’s House — a safe, comfortable place where children and families could come to receive compassionate support and connection with peers.

More Than Twelve Years of Service

Since 2002, Judi’s House has supported more than 7,900 youth, ages 3-25, and their caregivers, toward our vision that no child should be alone in grief.

We believe that investing in these vulnerable children will help them build resilience and the coping skills they need to adjust to their loss, and handle future challenges.


Judi's House Timeline

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                                           Brian and Judi Griese

                                           Brian and Judi Griese