Strategy for Impacting Social Change
for Childhood Bereavement

Capacity Building:
At JAG Institute, we will expand the capacity for communities beyond Metro Denver to provide quality bereavement programs similar to those developed at Judi’s House. We will create social change by strengthening the childhood bereavement field and increasing access to effective grief care. We will achieve this by expanding our long-standing evaluation and research efforts, building workforce capacity through training and education, creating a network of grief-informed providers, and developing tools and resources for professionals and caregivers.



Goals 2016-2018:


Benefits include:

  • A table of 10 at our Speakers Series Luncheon - Strength in the Face of Adversity.
  • Membership in Brian’s Quarterback Club, including two exclusive events per year.
  • Special recognition on our website.
  • Recognition in our Impact Report.
  • An appreciation event honoring our Capacity Building Campaign funders!

Sustainability for the Future:
In this initial phase of growth, we are creating the building blocks to test our proof of concept—a Comprehensive Grief Care® Network that better meets the needs of the grieving children and families in our community. During the next phase of our expansion, we aim to increase the number of clinicians trained in this model of care and educate the broader community of professionals supporting bereaved children and families. We will also expand our area of focus for funding throughout the State of Colorado and nationally. The development staff is poised to identify, cultivate, and steward funders during this capacity building campaign to create sustainable partnerships that will maximize this investment in social change for grieving families.