Judi's House Services

Judi’s House provides support to children and families grieving a death. Services are provided in Spanish and English, to youth ages 3 to 25, and their caregivers. All services are free of charge. Judi’s House focuses on strengths to promote healing and prevent future problems.

Judi’s House believes

• Grief is a natural, healthy reaction to loss
• Grief is universal and unique
• Grief has no age limits
• Grief is a process, not an event
• Grief does not follow a timeline or a sequence
• Grief support should be tailored to each
individual’s needs



A Judi’s House counselor meets with each family member individually to learn about their needs. We then connect the family with services offered at Judi’s House and/or in our community.

Group Counseling:

Judi’s House provides group counseling to grieving children and their caregivers. Groups are provided at Judi’s House and in the community. Each family member is in a group of peers. Judi’s House offers two group programs, Pathfinders and Connections.

Judi’s House groups provide
• Education
• Coping skills
• Caregiving skills
• Peer support

¿Necesita Ayuda?

¿Ha pasado su familia por la muerte de un ser querido?

Si usted cree que un grupo de apoyo podría
beneficiar a los niños en su familia,
por favor llámenos al 720.941.0331 ext. 203. 

Judi’s House promotes resilience
and adjustment to loss, while helping
to prevent complications of
unaddressed grief and trauma.

Please contact us at 720.941.0331
and ask for a Grief Care Coordinator,
or click here to send an email
to find out more about our
individual and family services.

Download a handout about our services.

Pathfinders is a 10 week program that uses art, play, and activities to reach each person. While youth are in their groups, caregivers discuss the challenges of raising grieving children, and receive support for their own grief. Families are encouraged to talk about Pathfinders at home, creating connection and healing. 

 groups offer on-going support at Judi’s House. Building on Pathfinders, families grow their relationships while adapting to changes in their grief.

Individual, Family, and Couples Counseling:

Each person’s grief journey is unique. Group counseling may not meet the needs of every child or family. For those families, Judi’s House may offer short-term grief counseling services. Our counselors use education, creative expression, coping skills, and communication to help children and families find hope and stability in a time of uncertainty.