JAG Institute—also named in memory of Judith Ann Griese— houses the research, training, and technology initiatives that allows us to expand our direct service capacity locally, and help others provide effective grief support programs in communities beyond the Metro Denver area. 

This work complements our core mission to provide care to grieving children and families in the Metro Denver area by sharing the knowledge gained through many years of direct services and extensive empirical research at Judi’s House.

JAG Institute:
Helping to Create Social Change

One goal of Judi’s House and JAG Institute is to build the “proof of concept” in the Metro Denver area that meets the current need in this community—a best practices model that can then be shared and replicated in other communities around the country.

Goals of JAG Institute                          

  • Share our web-based assessment and intervention tools, as well as innovative technologies aimed at improving service delivery

  • Provide expanded grief and trauma intervention training and education—both online and onsite—to others in contact with grieving children and families

  • Offer interactive and individualized self-directed grief support tools online for grieving families

  • Implement research protocols in other grief centers to help them evaluate their effectiveness, and choose the most beneficial interventions for their population

For more information on the evaluation and research we conduct at Judi’s House, click here.

Judi’s House started as an idea more than ten years ago. Now that seed has grown into an example of an organization that can have a national impact — and not just help a thousand individuals a year in Colorado, but many, many more in communities beyond Colorado.
— John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado