At Judi’s House, we recognize that not all children and families have access to our in-house services. In an effort to reach grieving children across the Metro Denver area, Judi’s House has established partnerships with local schools and organizations to offer grief care services at the community level. These partnerships help raise awareness about the needs of grieving children, as well as educate the public about the resources that are available to them.

School- and Community-Based Grief Support Services

In addition to onsite programs, Judi’s House facilitates Pathfinders groups in schools and community organizations throughout the Metro Denver area:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver partners with Judi’s House to offer Pathfinders grief counseling groups directly in the clubs to support at-risk and low-income youth

  • School-based Pathfinders grief counseling groups are offered in over a dozen schools each year in the Metro Denver area in response to requests from school counselors and staff

Pathfinders schools groups focus on:

  • Recognizing and developing positive coping skills in response to difficult emotions

  • Normalizing grief responses

  • Providing adult and peer support

  • Providing a safe place to share and process the grief journey

  • The groups are facilitated by Judi's House staff and interns in collaboration with school personnel

  • If you are a school teacher, counselor, social worker or administrator wanting to learn more about hosting a Judi's House Pathfinders group in your school, you can find the introductory and qualifying information here


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