Introduction to School Groups

In order to use our resources most efficiently, Judi’s House requires the following commitment from potential school sites:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by school and Judi’s House administrators
  • Individual applications and disclosure statements completed by the student’s adult caregiver(s) with medical decision making authority for a minimum of SIX students who are:
    • Actively grieving a death loss
    • Able to demonstrate support for others and contribute to a safe group environment
    • New to Judi's House programming
  • consistent meeting time that allows for 10 to 12 consecutive group sessions (excluding school breaks) no less than 50 minutes long
  • Judi's House can offer groups during the following times:
    • Monday Afternoons
    • Tuesday Afternoons
    • Wednesday Mornings
    • Wednesday Afternoons
    • Thursday Afternoons
    • Friday Mornings
  • A space that is private, appropriate, and uninterrupted for at least one hour at group time
  • An identifiedconsistent school mental health professional on-site, and available during/following each group session (school staff are not required to participate in grief groups)
    • This school representative  will meet with group facilitators for ten minutes after group every week to review group content and process, and to be informed of any concerns or students’ immediate needs
    • This school representative  will offer support to group members that may need suicide or self-harm assessment and follow-up or a check-in between group sessions, so that students will have ongoing support during and after the group process

In order to accommodate varying school schedules, groups begin on a rolling basis. At this time, grief groups are offered in schools located within a 20 miles radius of Judi’s House. Due to limited availability, groups are offered on a first-come, first-served basis

Please complete the School Group Interest Form to learn about Judi's House providing group at your school. You will receive a request to subscribe to our School Groups email list in MailChimp, which will give you access to all necessary forms and information.

NOTE: School will be considered once all materials are complete. 

Have other questions or concerns? Send an inquiry to