Introduction to School/Community-Based Groups

Requirements of the school/community based organization and Judi’s House are outlined in the sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). An official MOU will be signed by the school/community organization and Judi’s House administrators prior to services.

What does Judi’s House require of my School or Community-Based Site?

  • An identifiedconsistent mental health professional on-site, and available during/following each group session (school/site staff are not required to participate in grief groups)
  • A consistent meeting time that allows for 10 consecutive group sessions (excluding school breaks) no less than 50 minutes long
  • A space that is private, appropriate, and uninterrupted for at least one hour at group time
  • This school/community-based site MUST identify and recruit a minimum of SIX middle school age youth who are:
  • Actively grieving a death loss
  • New Judi’s House group participants
  • Able to demonstrate support for others and contribute to a safe group environment
  • To be considered for services, each youth then needs to have a complete application and disclosure statement completed by the youth’s adult caregiver(s) with medical decision making authority.
  • A minimum of SIX complete applications must be received in order to initiate group services.

Other Information:

  • Groups begin on a rolling basis. 
  • Grief groups are offered at sites located within a 20 mile radius of Judi’s House.
  • Groups are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Schools and community-based sites will be considered once all materials are complete. 

Please complete the School and Community-Based Groups Interest Form to learn about Judi's House providing group at your school/community based site. Once this form is complete, a member of the Judi's House Community-Based Care Team will contact you. 

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